General Grooming

Shed happens. Drop off your furry family member for vaccines, checkups and dental exams by our veterinarians, in addition to grooming. While final grooming costs depend on breed standard and condition of coat, general grooming costs are:

  • Small breed – $40.00 and up;
  • Medium breed – $60 and up; and
  • Large breed – $75 and up.

Other Grooming Services

Other grooming services include, but are not limited to:

  • Coloring – $10 and up;
  • Nail filing – $14 and up;
  • Bows and bandanas – $3 and up; and
  • Touch-ups (ears, face, feet, sanitary, and nails) – $25 and up.



Mckayla first became interested in grooming when she was 16. She remembers how fascinating it was watching a standard poodle be transformed into a regal creature by the right groomer. Mckayla started as a bather and worked her way up to an apprenticeship in grooming. Since 2011, Mckayla has gained extensive experience in pet grooming, creative grooming, and show grooming. She has 8 years of grooming experience, with an apprenticeship in show breeds. Outside of work, Mckayla enjoys spending time with her 8 lizards, 4 dogs, 1 cat, 1 regular sized horse, 1 mini horse, 32 chickens, 2 hedgehogs, and too many fish to count.

Shed happens! Brush it off with Mckayla.”  ~ Mckayla