Our Story

Brian Greene said the relationship between memory and time is a very deep and tricky one. With that in mind, the story of TVVH started more than 30 years ago with Dr. Volkman. What we know about Dr. Volkman is that a local subdivision bears his name. After a few short years, Dr. Volkman sold TVVH to Dr. Pence. Nothing is known about Dr. Pence, except that after a few short years, Dr. Shackelford purchased TVVH from Dr. Pence.

Many years ago, Dr. Hondo joined TVVH as an associate veterinarian to help with the growing workload. Over the years, the transition of ownership from Dr. Shackelford to Dr. Hondo took place.

Dr. Hondo has transformed TVVH from a small, general practice facility into a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital where services include exotics and soft tissue surgery, dental procedures, ultrasound, laser light therapy and in-house diagnostics.

Our story does not end there, but simply starts a new chapter in the history of TVVH…