Vaccines for your Pet


FVR-CP: This is the standard feline protection against feline distemper, calici and rhinotracheitis viruses and pneumonitis (a chlaymidial agent). The kitten will receive a total of three of these vaccines, each 21 days apart, starting at 6 - 8 weeks of age. On the one year anniversary of the last booster a vaccine is given , followed by 3 year vaccines thereafter until 10 years of age. The cat is considered sufficiently vaccinated at this point.

FELV: Feline Leukemia is given starting at 6-8 weeks of age. Two vaccines total, 21 days apart, thereafter a yearly booster is recommended for all outdoor cats including cats that only venture outdoors occasionally. Strictly indoor cats do not necessarily need additional boosters after initial kitten vaccines. If you are not sure about your cats potential exposure to feline leukemia please ask our doctors or staff for clarification or guidance in making this decision.

RABIES: This vaccine is given at 12- 16 weeks of age then boostered in one year. For cats that go outside a booster every three years is recommended. Rabies does exist in Ada county and has been found in bats.

FIV: Also known as feline AIDS virus. This vaccine is no longer recommended as it’s effectiveness has not been proven.

FIP: This vaccine is no longer recommended as it’s effectiveness has not been proven.

In most cases, a cat over 12 years of age, that has received recommended vaccinations, is considered protected to the limitations of each vaccine. Please feel free to ask our veterinarian or staff about any of these vaccines and what would be best in your particular case.


DA2PP: Distemper hepatitis parainfluenza – parvo vaccine, given together in one injection, total of 4 injections beginning at 6-8 weeks of age, ideally given 21 days apart. A booster vaccine is given one year after the last puppy vaccine. This vaccine is then given every three years for another 3 boosters. After that a lifetime protection can reasonably be expected, unless exposure or other medical condition warrants additional vaccines.

BORDATELLA: First vaccine given at 8-10weeks followed by one booser vaccine in 21 days. This vaccine is boostered yearly if exposed to other dogs. If staying at a boarding facility a booster every six months may be required. If your dog is isolated from other dogs it is probably not necessary to vaccinate again after the puppy vaccine protection.

RABIES: This is the only vaccine required by law. It is given initially at 12-16 weeks of age. It is then given one year later and is considered valid for three years and then is given every three years thereafter. This can vary from state to state so be sure and check what the rabies law is if you leave Idaho.

RATTLESNAKE: This vaccine is recommend for dogs that live or play in snake areas, which includes our local foothills. This vaccine has been shown to reduce the probability of death and usually the severity of the toxic response from a snake bite. The initial vaccine is followed with a booster in 30 days after that a yearly vaccine should be sufficient coverage. Rattlesnake bite is considered a medical emergency even if the dog has been vaccinated.

CANINE INFLUENZA: This vaccine is recommended for dogs that travel and/or exposed to a lot of other dogs. Canine influenza is a highly infectious virus that left untreated can turn into pneumonia. The "dog flu" has been called epidemic in the southern United States. If you take your dog to dog shows or are planning to travel through the south we recommend vaccinating against Canine Influenza Virus. The vaccine should be given yearly after the initial 2 doses given 3 weeks apart.


DV-FERRET: Distemper vaccine should have 2 vaccines 30 days apart for kitts then yearly boosters for adults.

RABIES: A Rabies Vaccine should be given each year.

Birds of Prey

WEST NILE VACCINE: 2 vaccines 30 days apart then yearly boosters. This vaccine has not been officially approved for birds but it is believed that it gives some protection against the virus.

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