Exam Fees

Routine Exam – $73

30-60 minute consultation and exam with a veterinarian.

Medical Progress Exam – $59

Follow-up consultation and exam with a veterinarian.

Orthopedic Consult – $73

Consultation and exam with Dr. Lucas Ware

Work-In Exam – $93

$73 for a routine exam plus a $20 charge if we are double-booked.

Exotic Exam – $89

30-60 minute consultation and exam with a veterinarian.

Primate Exam – $199

90-minute consultation and exam with our Dr. Hondo, who specializes in exotic pet care.

Emergency/Urgent Care Exam – $99

Litter Exam Prices – Vaccines Not Included

3: $159

4-6: $229

7-10: $309

11-13: $399


Spays & Neuters

At TVVH, you never have to worry about hidden fees. Our one price covers many of the services that other clinics leave out or add on as surprise charges after surgery, such as preanesthetic blood work, fluid support, nail trim, protective cone, and take-home medications.

We believe in comprehensive gold-standard medicine. That’s why our one price includes all the critical components of care, from our surgery table to your home.

Canine Spay – $499

In heat: + $49

Feline Spay – $349

In heat: + $49

Canine Castration – $429

Feline Castration – $229


Dental Procedure

We use a state-of-the-art dental X-Ray system to accurately identify problem areas before beginning the surgery, ensuring that your pet isn’t under anesthesia any longer than necessary. Unlike other veterinary clinics, we only charge a flat fee per tooth extracted in addition to the base fee. This allows our veterinary surgeons to work carefully, as your final bill isn’t determined by their speed.

Canine Dental Base Fee: $599

Feline Dental Base Fee: $549



Radiography Study – $259

Reproductive Radiography Study – $159

Exotic Pet Radiograph Study – $199

Ultrasound (Routine) – $199

Ultrasound (Reproductive) – $130

Ultrasound (FAST) – $99

Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma


Other Services

Microchip – $52.99

Microchip includes lifetime registration. A minimally invasive procedure, microchipping allows veterinarians and animal shelters to reunite you with your pet.

Nail Trim – $17.99

Anal Gland Expression – $31.99

Nail Trim & Anal Gland Expression – $44.98

Therapeutic Laser

Single Session: $37.99

6 Session Package: $199

9 Session Package: $269