Our Story

Brian Greene said the relationship between memory and time is a very deep and tricky one. With that in mind, the story of TVVH started more than 30 years ago with Dr. Volkman. What we know about Dr. Volkman is that a local subdivision bears his name. After a few short years, Dr. Volkman sold TVVH to Dr. Pence. Nothing is known about Dr. Pence, except that after a few short years, and more than 23 years ago, Dr. Shackelford purchased TVVH from Dr. Pence.

The TVVH now bears no resemblance to the TVVH purchased by Dr. Shackelford in 1996. Through countless hours worked over a span of two decades, Dr. Shackelford transformed a small, mixed animal veterinary practice into a state-of-the-art facility that provides gold-standard medical care to the companion and exotic animals of the Treasure Valley. The animals in the Treasure Valley were truly blessed the day Dr. Shackleford arrived.

In 2013, Dr. Shackelford hired Dr. Hondo as an Associate Veterinarian to help with the growing workload. Over the years, the transition of ownership from Dr. Shackelford to Dr. Hondo slowly took place. At the end of 2018, Dr. Shackelford retired and Dr. Hondo took over ownership of TVVH. Dr. Hondo felt it a privilege to practice veterinary medicine under Dr. Shackelford, and is committed to continuing his legacy of providing the best veterinary medicine to all animals in need in the Treasure Valley.

Our story does not end there, but simply starts a new chapter in the history of TVVH…………..

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