It’s not always raining cats and dogs.

Fridays are exotics day at Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital! For reasons unbeknownst to us, Fridays seem to be a popular day for you humans to bring your exotic family members to Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital for veterinary care. Don’t get us wrong, we love to see you and your exotic family member on Fridays. But we would also love to see you the other days a week we are open.

Why Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital for Your Exotic

There are few places that can provide better veterinary care for your exotic family member than Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital. Our medical staff have countless years combined experience treating exotics. From as far away as Coeur d’Alene, people have brought their exotic animals to Treasure Valley Veterinary Hospital for veterinary care. We not only have the wisdom of time on our side, we also have the experience that can only be gained by the number of exotics we see each week.

Types of Exotics

There is almost no limit to the type of animals we provide veterinary care for. If an animal is smaller than the veterinarian, we most likely have experience in providing veterinary care for that species. We provide veterinary care for rabbits, pocket pets, reptiles, birds, primates, turtles, and fish, to name a few. Sorry cows and pigs, while we love you as much as any dog, cat and exotic we see, you have to be seen by a large animal veterinarian.